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Pulled pork is a staple at summer picnics, video game day parties, and hole-in-the-wall bbq joints. It’s a year-round crowd-pleaser that’s a portion of comfort food in the winter and a vital part of summer season holiday celebrations. There are a few different methods to prepare pulled pork, yet our preferred (and the three most common!) ways remain in an Instant Pot, slow-cooker, or Dutch stove. As a pork butt or shoulder cooks low and slow, the meat becomes fork-tender and very shreddable. After numerous hours, it will undoubtedly pull apart right into slim strands of juicy meat. Throw with your favorite bbq sauce and stack it high atop a potato bun. Construct pulled pork pizza, enchiladas, egg rolls, burritos, or tacos if you have leftovers. Besides, pulled pork tastes better after having time to season in barbecue sauce for a day or two. Ahead, we’re sharing a few of our favored methods to take advantage of the remaining drew pork before diving into our ideal pulled pork recipes.

Leftover Pulled Pork Ideas

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Make A Pizza

Barbeque pizza hits all the marks. Begin with your preferred dish or store-bought pizza dough and top it off with a mozzarella or Gouda cheese (the flavor works very well with barbecue), leftover pulled pork, and fresh herbs like parsley as cilantro, and something extraordinary and also crispy, like chopped red onions. If the shredded pork isn’t currently tossed with barbeque sauce, utilize your favorite BBQ sauce instead of the typical marinara.

Top A Rice Bowl

Suppose you are looking for a quick and easy protein-packed meal. In that case, top pre-cooked grains think white or rice, farro, or quinoa with remaining pulled pork, plus a selection of colorful veggies like shredded carrots, marinated red onions, very finely shaved cucumbers, and also corn bits.

Fill A Taco Or Burrito

Have remaining drew pork? Pile into a taco or wrap it up with a tortilla with lettuce, beans, sour cream, cotija cheese, and also a spray of lime juice. It’s a delicious way to feed yourself, your family members, or your buddies while getting rid of food waste.

Stuff A Quesadilla

A quesadilla can conveniently be appreciated any time of day. Morning meal and breakfast are a level playing field, as are lunch and supper when you want a simple, breezy bite. Layer leftover pulled pork with sharp, slightly hot cheese like Pepper Jack, cut red onions, and also chile peppers if you’re yearning for something with a kick.

Our Best Pulled Pork Recipes

1. Drawn Pork

When trying to find a traditional drawn pork dish, look no further than this variation, which is cooked on a Dutch stove. Boneless, skinless pork butt is spruced up with brown sugar, ground coriander, smoked paprika, and cider vinegar for a smoky, careless bite.

2. Drawn Pork Sandwiches

If you have leftover drew pork that was slow-roasted on a stove, toss it with our homemade three-ingredient barbeque sauce and area a generous portion of meat atop potato buns to the great bun worthy of pulled pork, in our view. Take the most significant bite you can, adhered to by a sip of an excellent draft beer or complex cider, and also welcome the good life.

3. Crispy Pulled Pork Shoulder

The secret to extra-crispy pulled pork is to flavor it with salt and pepper and let it sit out at an area temperature level for an hour. This approach will dry the skin out (we assure you it’s a good idea!), permitting the outside of the meat to get a beautiful sear when it’s prepared in a roasting frying pan on the stove.

4. Homemade Red Wine Barbecue Sauce

Standard? No. Delicious? Yes. This bbq sauce is made from a beautiful combination of full-bodied merlot, molasses, honey, applesauce, and red wine vinegar, plus a genius mix of spices.

5. Garlic-Studded Pork Shoulder With Anchovies & Calabrian Chiles

This pulled pork recipe is except the pale of heart, thanks to its salty-spicy combination of anchovies as well as Calabrian chiles. Subproject Resident Sohla El-Wally suggests making this a day or two ahead of time, letting it being in its braise to soak up all the incredible tastes, and then serving it on a bun beyond mashed potatoes or with thick slices of salute.

6. Perfect Slow-Cooked Pork Tacos

Aside from a below Dutch oven and a warm range, our favorite approach to cooking pulled pork is in a cooker for a few hours. Recipe developer (as well as Subproject co-founder!) Merrill Stubbs concurs, as well as has a take that certainly does not skimp on taste. Open your pantry and grab cumin and also coriander seeds, dried oregano, two sort of chili powder, and also two kinds of chile peppers– you’ll need all of it.

7. Immediate Pot (Or Not) Soy-Ginger Pork With Noodles & Greens

Drawn pork in under an hr? It’s not only feasible, however, but it’s also entirely practical with this all-star recipe. As opposed to bbq sauce, the meat gets tossed with a full-flavored mix of more soy sauce, fish sauce, rice vinegar, red chile paste, and fresh ginger.

8. Memphis-Style Pulled Pork Nachos

There are a few things that make these nachos spectacularly excessive great. We’re chatting remaining drew pork, a homemade Memphis-style barbecue sauce, shredded romaine lettuce, shredded mozzarella, two kinds of onions (red and environment-friendly), and a cheese sauce made from heavy cream and Kraft American songs (oh yep, the great things).

9. Slow-Cooker Citrus Pulled Pork Tacos

Lighter as well as brighter are the two words to define this drew pork dish sans barbeque sauce. Offer it with a citrus cabbage slaw that makes use of store-bought, precut coleslaw mix.

10. Banana Bread Sandwiches With Pulled Pork

Don’t doubt it. Do it. That suggests using pieces of banana bread as the “bun” for these sweeter-than-ever pulled pork sandwiches. Take a bite and thank us later.

11. Slow-Cooker Carolina Pulled Pork Barbecue

“This dish gives you fork-tender pulled pork barbeque with simply 10 minutes of effort,” claim our editors. Plus, it only requires six components, including the pork shoulder, so there’s no factor to deficient for your next dish (even if that dish is breakfast).

12. Perfect Chinese Pulled Pork Sandwiches With Kale & Apple Slaw

Making drew pork does not instantly imply that you need to offer it a sticky, pleasant barbecue sauce. This dish is evidence of that. The meat is cooked with dried shiitake with mushrooms, soy sauce, mirin, and toasted sesame oil; once it’s fork-tender and fully cooked, serve it on buns with a hearty wintertime slaw.

13. Pulled Pork Sandwich With Vinegar Slaw

Good barbecue typically needs a great rub. Our trick below is to season the meat with a charitable mix of salt and brown sugar and let it “marinate” for 24 hours. This ensures that the heart is tasty and gets properly crispy when it cooks, reduced as well as sluggish.

14. Smoked Pork Salad

Unless you’re holding a big celebration, you can virtually ensure that there will constantly be remaining pulled pork merely because many recipes make such an immense amount. If you’re resting on day-old pork, use it as the primary healthy protein for this whole romaine, as well as carrot salad that’s ideal for lunch or supper.

15. Pig Pulled Over

When you’re making dinner for a big team (and also we suggest BIG), this should be your go-to, crowd-friendly drew pork dish. Maintain things easy with a store-bought bbq sauce or make your very own and also add a generous dosage of mango juice for just the right amount of sweet taste.

16. Peach, Bacon & Bourbon BBQ Sauce

We’re hard-pressed to call anyone recipe perfect … truthfully, we like them all. Yet this bbq sauce dish for drawn pork is almost ideal, thanks to its well-balanced proportions of salty, pleasant, as well as spicy components.

17. Cheesy BBQ Pulled Pork Bombs

We wish to start every meal with these pulled pork attacks, which fall someplace between a slider and a supper roll. Maintain things basic by utilizing leftover drew pork, store-bought biscuit dough, and extremely sharp cheddar cheese.

18. Riz A Jej (Lebanese Chicken & Rice).

“Flavorful, skilled rice, topped with juicy poultry and also studded with nuts– it is, for me, the purest definition of home cooking,” says dish programmer Edouard Massih. As opposed to chicken, use pork shoulder, which will undoubtedly become equally as fork-tender as well as pleasing.

19. Super (Bowl) Chicken & Black Bean Nachos.

Even if it’s not game day, these nachos make sure to score a goal. Use leftover drew pork as opposed to shredded chicken for an appetizer that everybody will call MVP.

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