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Over and over again, I’ve discovered myself in the same situation: reaching into the rear of my fridge to find a neglected bundle of mushrooms, slimed to the touch and not tasty. Throwing them in the garden compost, background fading to the black-and-white of a commercial, I scream: I purchased them smaller than a week ago! How! Why! There’s got to be a better means to save mushrooms.

And also, there is. Equally, as there’s a preferred way for keeping environment-friendlies and potatoes and tomatoes, there is a method for mushrooms.

Keeping in air-tight containers or plastic bags will certainly trigger condensation as well as rate putridity,” the folks from Giorgio say. McGee secs that direct, creating that mushrooms, “must be loosely wrapped in moisture-absorbing product packaging to prevent having the wetness they exhale damp their surfaces and also encourage wasting.” As well as adding excess moisture, either by washing your mushrooms before you place them away or cover them in a wet paper towel, does you and your fungi no favors.

Store-Packed Method

If you purchase mushrooms pre-packaged, your job is done. The package’s opening will certainly allow air to dry any dampness the mushrooms launch, so merely pop them in the refrigerator. When you’re all set to utilize them, wipe any dust off the mushrooms and get cooking. If you do not use all the mushrooms at once, cover them with cling wrap punched with a couple of holes.

Paper Bag Method

If you get loosened mushrooms at the supermarket or farmer’s market, the very best way to maintain them fresh for as long as feasible is to stash them in a paper bag. As mushrooms age, they may start to launch water; the paper bag will absorb that wetness, maintaining the mushroom’s surface area slime-free for longer than if they were, state, packed in an impermeable container.

Freezer Method

If you found yourself with an excess of mushrooms (you never know what the CSA will undoubtedly throw your method), as well as there’s no way you’ll use them up in time, clean the mushrooms well, then move them to a freezer-safe bag or container. Keep that in mind that freezing mushrooms will likely compromise their texture. Hence, it’s best to utilize these defrosted mushrooms to flavor supplies or chop them into veggie burgers instead of trying to fry them right into a crunchy pasta covering.

Mushrooms With Caramelized Shallots & Fresh Thyme

This dish requires four extra pounds of mushrooms, so if that does not look after the majority of your haul, you’ve just purchased way too many.

Cream Of Mushroom Soup

This creamy mushroom soup is conveniently increased, making it perfect for supper tonight plus a pair of days of leftover lunches.

Nutty Veggie Burgers

Though the recipe requires shiitake, nearly any kind of chopped mushroom will undoubtedly work in these (vegan and gluten-free!) nutty black bean hamburgers.

Miso Mushroom Pasta

Mushrooms wash in this recipe’s buttery miso cream sauce, which I have personally eaten right out of the pot.

Savory Mushroom Bread Pudding

Whether you call it full-flavored bread pudding or stuffing, this tacky recipe would be welcome on my table at any time the climate’s a bit chilly.

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