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Various other customers have directed out that all-purpose flour can function as a thickening representative like corn starch. For a gluten-free alternative for corn starch, our wise area participants advise potato or rice starch. With numerous such ideas, we desired to locate out as soon as possible and for all the ideal replacement for corn starch.

It must come as not a surprise that the particular corn starch replacement you pick must rely on what you’re baking or cooking. The kind of component required for finishing something that you’ll be deep-frying might vary from what is ideal for enlarging a sauce or soup.

We researched many active ingredients that function as a replacement for corn starch, consisting of all-around flour, rice flour, arrowroot powder, potato starch, and pudding starch. Discover out which is most delicate for your dish and also the appropriate proportion for a smooth alternative.

Cooking And Baking With Cornstarch

Before we begin replacing corn starch, allow’s to learn more about it a little bit, shall we? Below are a handful of inquiries we see at all times regarding the component.

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What Is Cornstarch?

If you desire to obtain nerdy-geeky regarding it, corn starch was invented/discovered/created as a delighted crash in the mid 19th century by a man called Thomas Kingsford. Fast-forward to 1899, when the Kingsford firm combined with Argo Corn Starch, the intense yellow container of starch that you’re most likely acquainted with today.

Is Corn Flour The Same As Cornstarch?

It depends where you’re asking the concern. Cornflour in the United Kingdom is the same as corn starch in the United States (look at this turkey sauce dish from Jamie Oliver).

How Do People Use Cornstarch In Cooking And Baking?

Phew. We would certainly be below all the time if I detailed every one of them, yet below are some large ones:

Thickener in fruit pie dental filling. Number 1/4 mug per 5 mugs fruit, relying on perfection.
Thickener in the dessert. Quote 1 to 1 1/2 tbsps per 1 mug dairy products, relying on your choice.
Thickener in gelato. Popular with gelato, this approach generates a particularly creamy-chewy dessert and all without egg yolks.
Extra-crispy crust for anything fried. Hi, warm poultry! You can layer a healthy protein or veggie in corn starch after that fry or make it part of a dredging terminal.
Supplement to powder in shortbread. Utilizing corn starch as a dehydrated active ingredient in cooking develops an extra-tender crumb; it’s the very same factor you’ll see confectioners’ sugar in shortbread– it has corn starch!
Sauce for stir-fried meat or fish and shellfish. This Chinese method, understood in English as velveting, blends corn starch with egg whites to create a safe finishing, maintaining the healthy protein smooth and tender.
Slurry for sauces and also soups. Mix corn starch with a percentage of water to develop a thin paste. After that, put this right into a warm fluid. 1 tbsp will certainly enlarge regarding two mugs of juice, depending upon the dish.
Clambered eggs? Yep, it’s Genius. Including a cornstarch-milk combination to eggs before rushing methods, they can prepare quickly, without obtaining rubbery.

Can I Add Cornstarch Directly To A Liquid To Thicken?

Also, if I spray it thoroughly on top? Including a dose of corn starch (or any of its alternatives, see listed below) straight to a considerable quantity of fluid will certainly create globs of no return. Relatively thin paste with a tiny amount of fluid initially. After that, include this mix in the enormous quantity of liquid on the range.

Best Cornstarch Substitutes

You ran out of corn starch. It occurs. Right here are five components that enjoy entering, plus every little thing you require to understand about each.

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Versatile wheat flour has about half the enlarging expertise of corn starch. It still reveals up in a whole lot of the very same dishes– state, as a thickener in fruit pie dental filling, or prepared with butter to develop a thickening roux for soups or sauces—price quote 2 tbsps of flour for each 1 tbsp of corn starch in a dish. When prepared as well as provides whatever it enlarges a nontransparent appearance, it holds up exceptionally well.

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Not to be puzzled with glutinous or fantastic rice flour, which is utilized for mochi. Like wheat flour, you can approximate 2 tbsps rice flour for each 1 tbsp of corn starch. Our factor Alice Medrich enjoys using it to enlarge bread lotion and also soften shortbread crusts.


This mild-tasting starch looks a lot like corn starch and is similarly solid when it comes to enlarging. Usage in slurry scenarios (review sauces) and number 1 tbsp arrowroot for every 1 tbsp corn starch.


Quote 1 to 1 1/2 tbsps potato starch for every 1 tbsp corn starch. Like arrowroot, this starch’s enlarging powers do not last lengthy past food preparation, so consume as quickly as feasible.


It’s much less potent than corn starch, so you’ll require around 2 tbsps pudding for every 1 tbsp corn starch. Unlike corn starch, which starts to damage down when iced up, pudding remains solid.

How To Substitute Cornstarch In Recipes

The bright side is: Cornstarch can generally be changed. Below are a few of our favored cornstarch-y dishes, and also which replaces make one of the most feelings for every. See amount conversions for every active ingredient in the area over.

What Can I Use Instead Of Cornstarch When Frying?

Corn starch’s relatively high amylose web content makes it a champ at developing crunchy crusts. Rice flour and potato flour make great alternatives, though versatile flour will certainly operate in a pinch.

What Can I Use Instead Of Cornstarch For Sauces?

A reliable sauce strategy is to incorporate corn starch with water to develop a slurry, then put that mix right into a food preparation fluid. Instead of corn starch, contact arrowroot powder or pudding starch; make sure to use the sauces right now.

What Can I Use Instead Of Cornstarch For Puddings?

Corn starch usually partners with egg yolks to enlarge a custard or dessert. Switching in all-purpose or rice flour is your best choice below, considering that pudding, potato starch, and arrowroot powder can be particular relative to food preparation and holding.

What Can I Use Instead Of Cornstarch For Fruit Pie Fillings?

Corn starch is my best thickener for fruit pies. However, it’s all-around flour (besides, you currently have the component out for your pie crust). Past that, pudding starch is a wise substitute.

What Can I Use Instead Of Cornstarch In Baked Goods?

Corn starch includes a crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth inflammation to baked products. You can switch in all-around flour, yet the appearance will not be as incredible. Rice flour is a fantastic swap in cookie dishes, and also potato starch is terrific in cakes, as it urges moistness and expands life span.

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